Why Skype?

Comprehensive, professional and fun one-on-one guitar instruction, from the convenience of home via Skype. My name is Brett Miller, and I want you to benefit from my 12+ years of teaching experience and degree from Berklee College of Music.

I specialize in taking intermediate and advanced players to the next level of skill and understanding. You'll learn how to:
  • Play faster, more cleanly, more powerfully, and more confidently.
  • Understand rhythm reading and notation, so that you can learn songs quickly and easily.
  • Build and play chords all over the neck, not just memorize them from a book.
  • Use scales, modes, and arpeggios to improvise, jam, and write your own songs.
  • Apply music theory to the guitar (in a clear and step-by-step fashion) to unlock your potential.   
If this sounds like the kind of guitar instruction that you've been looking for, then contact me today to get started!

What Students are Saying

"Brett's background as a Berklee-educated professional musician has consistently been on display."
- Ojas S.

"I found Brett because I was looking for a top notch guitar teacher."
- Vince D.

"Just wanted to let you know those few tips you gave me for playing solos made all the difference...once I started going I couldn't put the guitar down. I feel like a little barrier has been broken through. Thanks dude!!"
- J.R.

"That last lesson was the best lesson I've ever had!"
- Mike R.

Ready to take your guitar playing to the next level? Contact me today for more information, or to get started right away!