• Build devastatingly accurate and lightning-fast picking technique, with two intensive books: Sweep Picking and Speed Picking, offered securely and exclusively through Amazon.
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Sweep Picking

Steam Powered

Use this book to create massive sweep picking workouts, for big results. Over 400 detailed examples, with comprehensive strategies from author and instructor Brett Miller. The focus is all technique - no confusing music theory. Master this material, and witness a breakthrough in your sweep picking.

Speed Picking

Master Month

Fast, accurate, and powerful alternate picking is the skill coveted by all guitarists, but it's also the hardest to master. But master it you shall with this unique program, designed to deliver dramatic results in both speed and stamina. With over 60 pages of step-by-step routines, you'll build up to an intense 2 hour alternate picking workout.

See Inside - Over 60 Pages and 400 Examples

See Inside - Over 60 Pages