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Think You Can't Play Faster? Think Again.

You're on a mission - to play faster and better guitar than ever before. Pro guitarist, instructor, and author Brett Miller helps you accomplish that mission with "Unleash Your Speed: How to Shred on Guitar". This free course features 60 minutes of audio and a 20 page PDF example workbook, with technique building strategies and exercises. You'll increase your speed, stamina, and power by focusing on the four pillars of fast guitar: legato, speed picking, sweeping, and tapping. Just type your name and email into the box above, and the course is yours.

About The Course

  • Free 60 minute audio program with 20 page PDF workbook
  • Intense legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, and tapping exercises
  • Shred etude "Rise of the Guilds", combining all four speed techniques
  • Listen anywhere, anytime. Imports right into iTunes, Google Music, etc.
  • Designed to benefit guitarists of any skill level to play faster
  • Adds structure and discipline to your practice sessions