Play Fast Guitar. Legato, Sweep Picking, Speed Picking, Tapping.

Think You Can't Play Faster? Think Again.

You're on a mission - to play faster and better guitar than ever before. Pro guitarist, instructor, and author Brett Miller helps you accomplish that mission with "Unleash Your Speed: How to Shred on Guitar". This free course features 60 minutes of audio and a 20 page PDF example workbook, with technique building strategies and exercises. You'll increase your speed, stamina, and power by focusing on the four pillars of fast guitar: legato, speed picking, sweeping, and tapping.

About The Course

  • Free 60 minute audio program with 20 page PDF workbook
  • Intense legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, and tapping exercises
  • Shred etude "Rise of the Guilds", combining all four speed techniques
  • Listen anywhere, anytime. Imports right into iTunes, Google Music, etc.
  • Designed to benefit guitarists of any skill level to play faster
  • Adds structure and discipline to your practice sessions

About Guitar Foundry

Books and audio courses, created for rock and metal guitarists with twin goals: Building Technique, and Mastering Music Theory. As a Metal Guitarist, pro guitar instructor, and video game composer with a degree in Classical Composition, Brett Miller brings a wealth of real, practical playing, writing, and teaching experience to the Guitar Foundry series of guitar instructional tools.

With so many guitarists struggling to play faster (and often struggling to make ends meet) Brett is pleased to present "Unleash Your Speed" as a free course for guitarists everywhere.