• Build devastatingly accurate and lightning-fast sweep picking technique, with one intensive book. Over 60 pages and 400 examples, offered exclusively through Amazon.
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Use this book to create massive sweep picking workouts, for big results. Over 400 detailed examples, with comprehensive strategies from author and instructor Brett Miller. The focus is all technique - no confusing music theory. Master this material, and witness a breakthrough in your sweep picking.

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What if, for the cost of a few packs of strings, you could learn to improve your sweep picking massively? With "Sweep Picking: Steam Powered", progressive metal guitarist and professional instructor Brett Miller provides a road map to devastating sweep picking speed and accuracy.

There's no confusing music theory here. "Sweep Picking: Steam Powered" is focused on building your technique - period. With over 400 detailed examples, including advanced right and left hand combinations and patterns, "Sweep Picking" is all TAB (no music reading required), and is organized clearly and efficiently for maximum results. Open to any page, and start practicing immediately.

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  • Gain terrifying speed and unstoppable stamina
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Master the material found in "Sweep Picking: Steam Powered", and achieve a breakthrough in your playing. Don't hesitate - start learning and improving today!