Why Skype?

Lessons via Skype are ideal for two reasons (although you'll discover more along the way!)

  • Convenience
  • Quality

No travel time. No missed lessons due to bad weather.  Learn from the comfort of home, but most importantly...

Learn with a qualified, experienced instructor who delivers quality instruction. Quality that you just won't get with most "local" guitar teachers.

What Students are Saying

"Brett's background as a Berklee-educated professional musician has consistently been on display."
- Ojas S.

"I found Brett because I was looking for a top notch guitar teacher."
- Vince D.

"Just wanted to let you know those few tips you gave me for playing solos made all the difference...once I started going I couldn't put the guitar down. I feel like a little barrier has been broken through. Thanks dude!!"
- J.R.

"That last lesson was the best lesson I've ever had!"
- Mike R.

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